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We grow profits in café businesses struggling to achieve their potential. For owners who are often struggling to pay themselves properly.

We uncover opportunities that are often sitting just below the surface.

Opportunities for more revenue, higher margins, more productive staff and less wastage. Opportunities to build a more valuable and saleable business.

In many cases we add many thousands of $ to the business returns for owners. Every year. e.g. we recently revealed opportunities to add over $50,000 to the profits every year of a Randwick café.

Your first meeting with us is free of charge.

You only pay us if we are able to uncover strategies for genuine higher profits in your business.

We take the risk. But we share the rewards.

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Red2Black - The Cafe Profit Specialists

47 Neridah Street, Chatswood New South Wales 2067, Australia

About Us


Right Skills, Right People


Red2Black have the skills and industry knowledge to lead a café to sustainable success and a bright future. We specialise in assisting struggling café’s turnaround their operating losses. We also guide new cafes on becoming market leaders, helping them manage their business to success. 


Leading Industry Knowledge


We look at industry leading operating measurements, cost of food, cost of wages and overall turnover. We understand the challenges of running a café and know our clients needs to meet visa turnover requirements. 


Creative Solutions


Our team consists of a management board that offers vast skills and knowledge to beat to competition. We analyse the business from every angle and create new, creative and intelligent methods to boost revenue and offer a unique experience like no other. 

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